More seats added to the race

Registration for the Laugavegur Ultra Marathon 2021 will reopen May 26th at 12:00 pm.

The registration is binding and those who register for the race do not have the opportunity to receive a 50% refund of the participation fee due to cancellations that are valid until July 1st.

The race is in 9 weeks and the Laugavegur Ultra Marathon is only for experienced runners that have been training well, 18 years and older, more information here.

Registration will be open for 24 hours, from 12:00 am on 26th of May to 12:00 am on the 27th of May. 50 runners will get a spot in the race, it´s a lottery. On the 28th of May the lucky runners will receive an email if they won a ticket to the race. Those who do not receive a seat but log in and pay the participation fee, will receive a full refund. Registration and payment is done on website. The participation fee is charged in full, see more about terms here.

In the registration process, the following information must be entered: name, social security number/ birthday and year, gender, nationality, e-mail address, t-shirt size, best marathon time and year, best Laugavegur time and year, but it´s optional to register telephone number and running group.

Registration cannot be postponed until next year. It is not possible to sell registration to others or change name of the registration. The registered participant is responsible for the race number and other documents that have been assigned to the runner. Anyone who runs with a number that is not registered to him by the organizer is not a valid participant. See more information in the terms.  

Registered participants will need to enter additional information as the race gets closer. This includes registration for the estimated end time, a request to be in a group with certain running partners and a reservation for a seat on a bus and food. This registration takes place on my pages and starts at the end of June. Participants will receive an email when registration begins and ends on July 1st.

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