Here are the rules and guidelines to your luggage preparation before the race.

The race number has three different luggage labels that need to be carefully torn off the race number and attached to the right bag. They all have your race number on the name of the bag's destination. Below you can see detailed instructions on how to use each label. If you do not wish to use one or more of the labels because you do not need help transporting your luggage, just throw the labels away.

A fastener in either red or blue will be in the registration package. Red ones are for female runners and blue for male runners. This colour coding is to make it easier for our staff to sort the luggage in Husadalur (luggage tag 2), as there will be separate tents for female and male runners. Runners are responsible for attaching the label to their own bags.

Luggage - bag 1 - Bláfjallakvísl, the midway point

Luggage label

Attention: These bags will be transported straight to Reykjavik after the race and will not be taken to Thorsmork. 

The race officials can bring a small bag for you to the midpoint of the race (Blafjallakvisl). Your bag must be left at the race packets pick-up before 17:00 on Friday before the race. The bags will be transported to the south bank of the river Blafjallakvisl (NOT a drinking station), the midway point just beyond Alftavatn. Soon after Alftavatn, everyone will have to cross a river so you may want to change and/or leave some clothes behind. In this bag, you can have shoes, clothing and/or some energy. It is strictly forbidden to put glass or soft drink tins into the bag.

The midway point bag can maximum weigh 3 kg and should be no bigger than 20x35 cm. Race staff will weigh the bags when they receive them at the packet pickup.

Note that this bag will be outside for some time and can get wet. Participants should, therefore, use waterproof bags. No plastic bags of any kind are allowed. The race organiser cannot take any responsibility for this bag so please make sure not to put your passport, money or other valuables in it that you cannot afford to lose.

After the race, the bag will be transported to the Ice skating rink in Laugardalur (Skautahollin í Laugardal) where runners can collect it on Saturday night when the busses arrive from Thorsmork, on Sunday (the day after the race) between 12:00 and 14:00 or on Monday (the second day after the race) between 09:00 and 16:00. After this time the Laugavegur Ultra Marathon can no longer keep the unclaimed luggage and will have to throw it away.

This bag must be securely closed and labelled with the Blafjallakvisl luggage label that comes with the race package.

Luggage - bag 2 - The necessary clothing for the race

Luggage that runners need immediately after the race in Thorsmork should be taken to Landmannalaugar on race day and put on the bus that takes it to the finish line before the race starts. Runners must have warm and dry clothes to wear after the race. It is also recommended to have a towel and swimwear. Note that the men's showers are outdoor so it is a good idea to have slippers to wear when you walk from the dressing tent to the showers.

Before putting the luggage on the bus, runners should check the latest weather updates and follow the race director’s instructions regarding clothing and gear. Please note that there are no indoor facilities at Landmannalaugar, the only way to make some last minutes updates to your attire is on the bus or in the portable toilets outside.

The bags will be in Thorsmork by the time runners arrive there and should be collected from the tents by the shower area. They will be sorted by the gender of runners and by race numbers. The bags must be securely closed and labelled with the Thorsmork luggage label.

More information about the gear required you can find here.

Luggage label

After the race

After the race, both luggage 1 and other things left in Landmannalaugar or Thorsmork will be moved to Reykjavik and participants are kindly asked to pick up their belongings at the Skating Rink in Laugardalur on Saturday evening as soon as buses arrive from Húsadalur or on Sunday morning (the day after the race) between 12:00-14:00. Monday (two days after the race) it will also be possible to pick up bags between 9:00-16:00, and that is the last deadline to puck up the luggage. Unclaimed luggage will be discarded after the time when the race organizers no longer have the facilities to store it.

Recommendations - when packing for the race

The average temperature in July at the Laugavegur is 7-8°C or 45-47°F. But the weather is variable and can change fast. At the race start, all runners must be prepared to follow the race director's instructions regarding adequate clothing or extra clothing which should be carried. Runners will need a minimum of a long-sleeved top, tights or trousers, gloves and warm headgear to cover both head and ears. As the course goes to a high altitude, we recommend taking a windproof jacket, long running pants, and ski band or head buff.

Water belts and energy gels are recommended at all times.

Running shoes with thick soles are strongly recommended. The best shoes are off-road running shoes, not new ones to reduce the risk of blisters and not made of Gore-tex (because they keep the water inside). We also recommend that you wear gaiters to prevent snow and gravel to go inside your shoes (see example here).

Luggage by river Bláfjallahvísl

Bags are sorted into four different colour groups, same as your start group, and then by participants race numbers as seen in the picture here above. The bags need to be waterproof because of possible rain during transport and when at the location.

Runner changing shoes by river Bláfjallahvísl

Some people choose to change their shoes or other clothes by Blafjallahvisl. Please note that its just a field with no shelter or any service what so ever.


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