Start groups and race numbers

Participants will be sorted into four start groups according to their estimated finish time. The fastest runners start first. Participants will be given a coloured race number that indicates his/her starting group.

Runners are requested to make their way to their correct start group in good time before the start of the race. Under no circumstances may a runner start with a different start group from that indicated by his or her race number. Runners who arrive at the start line too late for their start group must notify the start director immediately.

There are four start groups: yellow, red, green and blue. At the start of the trail there is a narrow uphill path, therefore there are five minutes between starts, this is done to ensure that there will be no time elapses before runners cross the start line. By doing this, we hope to improve the accuracy of finish times and to reduce congestion on the trail. This can also mean that the first one to the finish line is not necessarily the winner, but shortly after we will have the accurate results.

Attached to the race number are two tickets with each runners special race number on and is meant as a tag for luggage. For further information go to the luggage page.

On the race number you'll find four other tickets for taring off which are a part of the race security and timing. To make it easier for the race officials it is necessary to attach the race number at waist hight on the front of you or higher. The first security tag will be torn off in Landmannalaugar so that we know how many started the race and who they where. The tickets with Alftavatn and Emstrur written on them will be torn off when leaving the drinking stations. If the tickets come loose during the race, runners must make sure to hold on to them until the very end by for example attaching them to yourself with a safety pin.

At the very bottom of the race number is a elevation map for the route that is meant to be attached to the race number and looked at by looking down at it when the race number is attached to the front of you.

Participants will be assigned to different start groups based on how fast they intend to run and their running history. For the best possible outcome, we ask participants to tell us their best marathon and Laugavegur Ultra Marathon results when they register for the race. They can also send us further information about their running history to [email protected]. Few weeks before the race runners are asked to register their estimated finish time. This registration takes place on "Your page" and is open until July 1st. In the same registration, they can also request to be assigned to the same start group as one or more of their running partners. The organisers will do their best to accommodate the wishes of all participants. In order to group two or more runners together, a request to be assigned to the same group must be received from both/all of these participants.