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Hlauparar eru duglegir að lofa Laugavegshlaupið og Ísland. Hér eru nokkur dæmi um meðmæli sem hlaupið hefur fengið.

  • Andrew Cross

    Hardest thing I've ever done, beautiful and wonderful diverse landscape. It was well run, friendly, but you need to prepare for this and ensure you get in on the cut off times! highly recommend it.

  • Randall Phelps

    This was an adventure of a lifetime! After not training hard enough last year and dropping out at the first cut-off, I was inspired to a new level of training this year. It was great to have the training pay off and to experience this course from start to finish! Absolutely amazing staff and organization. These folks know their stuff!!!

  • Henrik Toudal Offersen

    Spectacular scenery and an extremely well organized race! Thanks for the amazing experience!

  • Tom Wilkinson

    I have raced all over the world and haven't seen anything to rival the views of the Laugavegur Ultra. Breathtaking!

  • John McCarthy

    You can see all of the colors of Iceland in this race. Absolutely stunning. In 2015 we had lots of snow, so we were lucky. I highly recommend this race. The memories brought forth by this race will be deeply embedded within anyone who races it.

  • Simon

    I would like to say again what a fantastic race it was (2010). I had a wonderful day and hope to come back in 2012 if I can get a place. The Icelandic people were so helpful and friendly it really made the day and everyone who I met in my 5 days in Iceland were fantastic. Well done Iceland!!!

  • Heather Wells Sexton

    Amazing experience and well organized race! I can’t wait to run it again!

  • Guri Waalen Borch

    Great race, great organization, great nature! Loved it!

  • Marzelle van der Merwe

    The most fulfilling thing I've ever done!
    Beyond beautiful and great organization! Thank you!

  • Brigitta Hu

    So great, just loved it. Thanks a for perfect organization and cheerful volunteers.

Hér er safn af greinum/bloggi frá fólki um þeirra þátttöku í Laugavegshlaupinu.

  • Lorenzo Maria dell´Uva (ITA)

    8:15:45 (2017)

  • Nicholas Brash (CAN)

    6:46:55 (2017)

  • Richard Wein (USA)

    7:05:21 (2017)

  • Stefán Gíslason (ISL)

    5:55:56 (2017)

  • Guri Waalen Borch (NOR)

    8:22:14 (2017)

  • Roel Van Der Made (NED)

    8:46:33 (2017)

  • Jo Meek (UK)

    5:00:46 (2016 - brautarmet)

  • Michael Hogan (CAN)

    8:50:09 (2016)

  • Áine Brislane (IRL)

    9:04:29 (2016)

  • Vincent Gaudin (FRA)

    6:46:31 (2015)

  • Stefán Gíslason (ISL)

    5.41:10 (2015)

  • Seng-lai Tan (USA)

    8:57:22 (2015)

  • Ethel Murphy (USA)

    6:27:04 (2014)

  • Anne-Claire Corral-Birot and Jean-guillaume Birot (FRA)

    8:07:56 (2014) 

  • Eliot Drake (USA)

    5:01:00 (2014)

  • Stefán Gíslason (ISL)

    5:52:33 (2013)

  • Andrea Torng (USA)

    7:20:56 (2013)

  • Scott Mcmurtrey (USA)

    6:53:33 (2008)


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