The Race Bus
Reykjavik Excursion buses with Laugavegur participants

Runners can buy a seat on the race bus from Reykjavik to the start of the race in Landmannalaugar and back from Husadalur in Thorsmork to Reykjavik. The race bus ticket is a return ticket only; it is not possible to buy a one-way ticket. This is because the same buses are taking runners back and forth. The bus fare is not included in the entry fee. Registered runners will be able to book seats on the race bus for themselves and their family and friends on "Your Page". This booking starts in mid June and will be open until July 1st.

Bus Fee

Bus fee should be paid at the race package pick up.

passanger type
departures and destinations
Reykjavik > Landmannalaugar
Husadalur > Reykjavik

runner|Reykjavik > Landmannalaugar|Husadalur > Reykjavik|TBC

Reykjavik > Landmannalaugar > Husadalur
Husadalur > Reykjavik

others|Reykjavik > Landmannalaugar > Husadalur|Husadalur > Reykjavik|TBC

Reykjavik > Husadalur
Husadalur > Reykjavik

others|Reykjavik > Husadalur|Husadalur > Reykjavik|TBC

Bus booking

Registered runners will be able to book seats on the race bus for themselves and their family and friends on "Your Page". You will get an e-mail when the booking starts (in June). Seats on the race bus should be ordered latest on July 1st.

In case participants want to make some changes to their ordered seats on the race bus they do that by sending an email to  [email protected]. This is if they want to arrive at the start in Landmannalaugar earlier or stay longer in Thorsmork or if their family and friends want to arrive later in Thorsmork or stay there longer. If changes to seats on the race bus are requested the race bus ticket will be changed to a ticket that is valid for Reykjavik Excursions (the bus company) regular schedule. Here you can see the schedule.

It is recommended that runners use the race bus, both because it is cheaper than a normal bus fair and because it is not very simple to drive to the start and finish line. You will need a specially equipped car to drive to both Landmannalaugar (the start) and Husadalur in Thorsmork (the finish). The road is gravel and you will have to cross rivers. Most car rentals don't rent out cars to drive on these roads.

The race bus schedule for July 18th 2020
(times could change a little when it comes closer to the race)

04:30 Race bus departs from the ice skating rink in Laugardalur 
(Skautahöllin í Laugardal, Múlavegi 1, 104 Reykjavik)
05:00 Bus picks up a group at N1 Selfoss - only for those who booked from Selfoss at "Your Page"
06:45 Breakfast break at Hrauneyjar
07:15 Bus departs from Hrauneyjar
08:30 Arrival at the start point, Landmannalaugar
09:00 Race starts
18:00 First busses depart to Reykjavik from Husadalur/Thorsmork
20:00 Last busses depart to Reykjavik from Husadalur/Thorsmork
21:00 First busses arrive in Reykjavik (At the Ice skating rink in Laugardalur)
23:00 Last busses arrive in Reykjavik (At the Ice skating rink in Laugardalur)

Please notice that there are no indoor facilities at Landmannalaugar except for the bus and the toilets. Runners must be dressed for running at the bus. See further information here.

After completing the race, runners who have bought a seat on the race bus will have to show up at the parking lot and enter the busses between 18:00 and 20:00. The first bus will leave when all seats are taken and the last one at 20:00.

Runners intending to return by bus on Sunday will be given bus tickets when they pick up their race package. The Sunday buses leave at 8:50, 11:50, 14:50, 17:50 and 20:50 from Husadalur in Thorsmork to Reykjavik. See further information at

Arrive earlier to the start

Those who want to arrive at the start line in Landmannalaugar the day before the race can do so. They will then have to take a bus from BSÍ Reykjavik Bus Terminal. See further information about the bus schedule to Landmannalaugar here. The Icelandic Touring Association has a hut in Landmannalaugar and a camping area. See further information here.

Stay longer in Thorsmork after the race

We strongly recommend that you stay overnight in Thorsmork (the finish line) after the race because of the spectacular surroundings and unforgettable nature. Our official buses depart soon after the race but you can extend your stay in Thorsmork overnight and take the bus to Reykjavik on Sunday or Monday. You can use the race bus ticket for this trip also. Further information about the bus schedule from Thorsmork to Reykjavik can be found here. Overnight accommodation in Thorsmork is not included in the registration fee but the Volcano Huts in Thorsmork offers some good deals on accommodation that you can book through their website:

Please note that it is not possible to spend the night before the race in Thorsmork if you are running. There is no bus going from Thorsmork (the finish line) to Landmannalaugar (the start) on race day morning.

Family members and friends

Family members and friends who want to be at the finishing area in Husadalur, Thorsmork, when the runners arrive, can take the scheduled bus from BSÍ Reykjavik Bus Terminal on Saturday morning at 8:00. Runners can book tickets for their family members and friends at "Your Page" and then they can join them in the race bus after the race. Please note that if you book the bus with Reykjavik Excursions the price is lower and they have more flexible options like children's fee, one-way tickets are available etc. Click here to see the schedule and buy tickets.

It is not recommended that family members and friends travel with the runners to the start in Landmannalaugar. The bus tour from Landmannalaugar (start line) to Husadalur, Thorsmork (finish line) is very long and unpleasant because there are gravel roads and you have to stay in a bus for 11 hours in total that day. The bus ticket for people that want to travel with the runners to Landmannalaugar (3-4 hours), then join the staff on the trip from Landmannalaugar to Husadalur, Thorsmork (3 hours) and finally take the race bus from Husadalur, Thorsmork to Reykjavik (3-4 hours) costs 20.700 ISK. 

Crossing of Krossá-river

A bus scheduled by our partner bus company Reykjavik Excursion will offer trips over the river Krossa which has to be crossed to get to Husadalur in Thorsmork. Krossa should only be crossed by very experienced drivers in special 4x4 super-jeeps. The bus leaves from the river bank over to Husadalur on the 13th of July every 30 minutes between 12:00 and 15:00. After the race trips, will be offered from Husadalur and back to the cars on the other side of the river bank at 17:30(5:30 pm) and 18:00 (6:00 pm). The price for these trips is 1.000 ISK each way, 500 ISK for 12-15 years old but free of charge for children 11 years old and younger. These trips do not need to be pre-booked and should be paid on the spot.

Family members and friends can also take a Reykjavik Excursion bus from Hvolsvollur to the finish line in Thorsmork. This is a good option for those who have rental cars because it is not allowed to drive on most rental cars to Thorsmork. Booking and information about price can be found on their website.

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The Laugavegur Ultra Marathon is organized by Reykjavik Sports Union, a union of sports clubs in Reykjavik. Other events organized by the Reykjavik Sports Union are: Íslandsbanki Reykjavik Marathon in August, Suzuki Midnight Sun Run in June, Reykjavik International Games in January and the Northern Lights Run in February.