Cut-Off Time

Participants in the Laugavegur Ultra Marathon should be able to finish the race in less than 9 hours and 15 minutes (370 ITRA points). After 9:15 the race staff can start taking down all equipment at the finish area. As stated in the race rules all participants that leave the drinking station by the Alftavatn lake cabin (22 km) after the 4 hours cut off time or leave the drinking station by Emstrur cabin (38 km) after the 6 hours and 30 minutes cut off time cannot continue the race with no exceptions (see layout on the photos below). Race officials and volunteers have no authority to make any exceptions to this rule, it is the same for everybody. 

Over the last few years, we have had a high increase in participants that have not been able to be within the given time limits. Therefore we feel the need to encourage everyone to study the race rules and the race plan and make sure that they are training for the event accordingly and planning their participation as expected.

Conditions and organisation by Alftavatn lake cabin and Emstrur cabin are as follows (see photos below):

  • Due to security reasons, participants that must stop because of the cut-off time rules or injuries are on the organisers responsibility and are therefore not allowed to continue on their own.
  • The check-in points in Alftavatn and Emstrur are not equipped with anything but the most necessary safety gear.
  • Participants cannot expect to be able to go into the cabins during the race.
  • If a participant does not leave the checkpoints and continue the race before the cut-off time, race officials will write down their name and race number and assist them through the next steps of the process.
  • There are no spare dry clothes for the participants at the check-in points and there will be no extra food at the drinking station, only what is provided at all drinking stations for every runner.
  • Participants will be transported from Emstrur to Hvolsvollur and from there to Reykjavík. Participants can expect anything between a quick stop and a few hours wait at Hvolsvollur on their way to Reykjavík.
  • Participants can also expect a delay in leaving from Alftavatn and Emstrur. The duration of the trip down to Hvolsvollur can be 2-3 hours.
  • Race officials in Husadalur, Thorsmork will try to get information as quickly as possible about those who are no longer taking part in the race to inform friends and family that are waiting for them by the finish line. Hectic phone reception between Emstrur and the finish area can affect how quickly the updates reach our staff.
  • It is not possible to transport participants from Emstrur or Alftavatn into Husadalur, Thorsmork due to how long it takes. If participants quit the race and want to get to the finish line, they can take the bus going from Hvolsvollur to Husadalur, Thorsmork (2-3 hour drive). Estimate arrival time at the finish line would be 19:00-20:00 but can change due to weather. Please note that the last race bus leaves from there for Reykjavik at 20:00.
  • All luggage from participants that are no longer in the race and was put in the transport bus going from the start to the finish line is transported straight to Reykjavik as long as it has the participants race number tag attached to it.
  • Participants that are not able to get to the finish line and have paid for the dinner buffet beforehand will not be able to get a refund.
Emstrur hut

Check point by Emstrur hut will be located in the stairs that go down from the hut

Emstrur layout


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